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Our Assets – West Coast

Trinity has been operating and producing offshore the West Coast of Trinidad since 1999. The assets are operated under two licence agreements (the PGB and BM Licences) with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries within the Gulf of Paria.

West Coast Summary

Assets Working Interest % 2P Reserves
2C Resources
Avg. Production
West Coast BM 100% / PGB 70% 2.17 3.45 269
West coast production is from the Point Ligoure-Guapo Bay-Brighton Marine (“PGB”) and Brighton Marine (“BM”) fields.

West Coast production is generated from the Point Ligoure-Guapo Bay- Brighton Marine (“PGB”) and Brighton Marine (“BM”) licence areas.

West Coast net sales averaged 353 bopd in 2023 (2022: 269 bopd) which accounted for 13% of the Group’s total annual average sales. This was a 31% year-on-year increase on the 2022 average. The increase was due primarily to ABM-151, being returned to production.

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