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Our Assets – Onshore

Trinity has been operating and producing onshore in Trinidad since 2007 and holds 100% operated working interest across all of its onshore assets by way of six Lease Operatorship Agreements (LOAs) and the Tabaquite Farmout Agreement within the southern basin and central range.

Onshore Summary

Assets Working Interest % 2P Reserves
2C Resources
Avg. Production
Onshore 100% 6.53 8.62 1,655

Current onshore production is from Lease Operatorship Blocks: FZ-2, PS-4, WD-2, WD-5/6, WD-13, WD-14 and Farmout Block, Tabaquite.

Trinity’s onshore assets comprise the lease operatorship blocks: WD-5/6, WD-2 and PS-4 (together “Palo Seco”), FZ-2, WD-13, WD-14 (together “Forest Reserve”) and one farmout block, Tabaquite. The average net sales for 2022 was 1,655 bopd (2021: 1,644 bopd) which accounts for 56% of our total annual sales.

Trinity drilled 3 new onshore development wells in 2022 (2021: nil), completed 17 RCPs (2021: 7), 1 sand control job (2021: 5), and 86 workovers (2021: 74), which, together with the inclusion of PS-4 for the full year, resulted in a modest uplift in our onshore production for the year as a whole.

In 2023, Trinity intends to manage its base production through additional automation of wells, further RCP activity, re-evaluation of the inactive well hopper, and swabbing. Trinity’s use of automation to optimise production and costs continues to meet our objectives. The three new wells drilled in 2022 contributed 20 bopd to the annual average.

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