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Maintenance Supervisor

The incumbent is responsible for coordinating and supervising installation, maintenance and repair work in/on buildings, repairs to machine, equipment, or structures, using tools such as hammers, hoists, saws, drills, wrenches, or equipment.

Compliance Officer

The incumbent is responsible for coordination of compliance audits and examinations, coordination of scheduled internal reviews, reviewing and updating compliance policy and procedures.

Field Technologist

The incumbent is responsible for providing the required support to the Continuous Improvement Team which include equipment and well commissioning, field quality control, equipment repairs and staff competency training.

Fluid Level Technologist

The incumbent is responsible for safely acquiring echometer data and analysing same to in order to ensure base production is maintained as well as investigate and implement opportunities for optimization.

Geoscience Graduate Intern

The incumbent is responsible for utilizing subsurface interpretation skills to work on projects/tasks within petroleum related disciplines and/or within other parts of the Trinity’s value chain.

Human Resource Officer

The incumbent will be responsible for gathering and processing qualitative and quantitative data around jobs, compensation and employment trends to ensure maximum efficiency of the Human Resource (HR) Department.