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On Sunday 18th May 2014, the quiet village of Rancho Quemado in South Trinidad experienced something new. Scores of Trinity employees dressed in white “United Way Day of Caring” t-shirts and armed with tools and paintbrushes converged in front of the Rancho Quemado Government Primary School. The playing field was filled with cars and tents were erected on the paved area. Those who were gathered on the school compound chattered amicably and it was obvious that something interesting was about to happen. Trinity Exploration & Production had rolled into Rancho and about one hundred and fifty staff members and contractors stood ready to make a difference in the lives of children, parents, teachers and residents of the area. This was Trinity’s United Way National Day of Caring (NDOC) project, the continuation of a values campaign which was to be a turning point for about one hundred and twenty eight youngsters.