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The incumbent is responsible for providing required support to the Continuous Improvement Team and will be required to practice several principles of production engineering with respect to well optimization and coordinates with technical and operations teams to respond in line with required protocols.


  • Supports the Field Technologist role in upkeep and quality control of data transmission process from the wellsite to the remote surveillance platform including, issue detection, diagnosis and remediation
  • Assumes leading role in well surveillance i.e. artificial lift performance analysis, diagnosis, troubleshooting and production recovery via close working relationships with technical and operations teams
  • Contributes significantly to the development of WD 5/6 Artificial Lift Optimisation program including but not limited to; field and surveillance best practices, well performance operating records, AL design optimization and well record keeping
  • Contributes significantly to the equipment design recommendations
  • Interfaces with service provider to resolve all end user challenges and issues
  • Tracks automation well performance against metrics (cost savings and well uptime) as it pertains to the contribution of automation
  • Assumes training and mentorship roles to improve and ensure that the maximum value is extracted from applied technologies and processes
  • Prepares reports and presentations to support case studies

Deadline for submission of resume is 23rd April, 2021.

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