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The incumbent is responsible for securing Trinity’s assets, protecting occupants from outside annoyance, assist visitors and provide general information.


  • Controls entrances and the movement of visitors and vehicular traffic
  • Maintains office security by conducting physical security patrols of building and perimeter
  • Ensures that all employees wear identification badges
  • Ensures that all employees sign in/out of the log books
  • Secures entrances and exits after working hours
  • Identifies and questions any person in the facility who does not have proper company identification
  • Enforces all rules and regulations
  • Prevents losses and damage by reporting irregularities
  • Responds to emergencies such as fire alarms etc.
  • Identifies, investigates, or resolves security breaches
  • Communicates security status, updates and actual or potential problems using established protocols.
  • Logs activities such as telephone calls, visitors and patrols done
  • Processes and inspects the paperwork at field offices associated with materials going into the compound and verifies that the cargo matches the items listed in the document manifest accompanying same. If uncertain of the items, seek clarification from the person moving the cargo or supervisor
  • Documents and maintains records of the pertinent details such as names, vehicle registration number and intention of all visitors, contractor personnel and suppliers entering and leaving the compound
  • Directs all vehicles at field offices with cargo and materials to relevant waiting area and make contact with the relevant supervisor associated with cargo or material order; no material or cargo is to be offloaded or loaded without the presence of relevant supervisor
  • Inspects all vehicles upon entry of any field location
  • Be the key control officer for the issuance of keys as designated by the location supervisor

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