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The incumbent is responsible for providing engineering support during the installation and retrieval of automation and artificial lift systems.


  • Monitors production rates, and plan rework processes to improve production
  • Specifies and supervises well modification and stimulation programs to maximize oil recovery
  • Understands sand control/ management techniques and artificial lift systems e.g. sucker rods, progressive cavity pumps and electrical submersible pump
  • Develops oilfield production programs for workovers and recompletions operation
  • Directs and monitors the design, completion and evaluation of wells, well testing, or well surveys. Tracks the performance of wells and identifies criteria for tiered well approach
  • Conducts well surveillance i.e. artificial lift performance analysis, diagnosis, troubleshooting and production recovery via close working relationships with technical and operations teams
  • Tracks automation and well performance against field KPI
  • Installs, commissions and troubleshoots all Artificial lift systems (ESP – Electric Submersible Pumps, PCP – Progressive Cavity Pumps, MPHU – Mechanical Pumping Hydraulic unit, etc.), wellsite end devices including, variable speed drives, choke consoles, transformers, sensors, pump off controllers, downhole (wellbore) electronics and other RTU’s.
  • Takes the leading role to ensure operability and quality of data transmission between wellsite and remote surveillance platform
  • Aids in planning and preparation of equipment required for ESP and other form of artificial lift installations
  • Attends dismantling, inspection and failure analyses DIFA’s (Dismantling, Inspection and Failure Analysis) for recovered equipment and submit reports.
  • Attends wellsite workover operations to provide wellsite leadership and quality control during ESP (PULL – Rig operations to retrieve downhole equipment) and commission equipment (RUN Rig operations to deploy downhole equipment).
  • Repairs automation equipment
  • Manages inventory of all Artificial Lift critical spares
  • Conducts preventative maintenance on all variable speed drives
  • Support the Petroleum Engineering Department with data acquisition and technical analysis of fluid levels and pressure transient testing
  • Interfaces with internal staff and external service provider for remote support
  • Conducts fluid sample analysis to aid in optimization of crude treatment process
  • Understands functioning and features of wellsite automation hardware inclusive of hook-up, wiring, configuration and troubleshooting of same
  • Applies engineering to artificial lift system
  • Surveillance and control of automation equipment
  • Assesses costs and estimates the production capabilities and economic value of wells, to evaluate the economic viability of potential workover, reactivation and recompletion

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