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The incumbent is responsible for assessing the potential location, quantity and quality of hydrocarbon deposits, and for planning, managing and optimising extraction.


  • Analyses geological data
  • Interprets well-logging results (records of the geological formations penetrated by boreholes) to ascertain resource potential
  • Assists with the planning, installation, maintenance and monitoring of ESP systems
  • Analyses and recommends alterations to artificial lift designs, that can be implemented to optimize production deliverability and runtime
  • Selects and maintains equipment to be utilized for the completion and artificial lift applications
  • Monitors and evaluates reservoir performance
  • Prepares reports and maps
  • Prepares regulatory documents including the following reports WO1, WO2, WO3, DRL2, DRL3, DRL4, DRL5 and PROD 1-4
  • Develops oilfield production programmes for workovers, completions, recompletions, abandonment and sand control
  • Develops production enhancement work programmes for assigned blocks
  • Coordinates daily activities with Production Supervisors and workover rigs
  • Liaises with and advises managerial and technical staff
  • Uses specialist computer applications and mathematical models to maximise production and reservoir deliverability
  • Assesses costs and estimates the production capabilities and economic value of oil and gas wells, to evaluate the economic viability of potential drilling, recompletions, reactivations and Enhance Oil Recovery projects
  • Develops plans for oil and gas field drilling, and for production recovery and treatment
  • Directs and monitors the completion and evaluation of wells, well testing, or well surveys
  • Analyses data to recommend placement of wells and supplementary processes to enhance production
  • Monitors production rates, and plans rework processes to improve production
  • Interprets drilling and testing information for personnel
  • Specifies and supervises well modification and stimulation programs to maximize oil and gas recovery
  • Assists engineering and other personnel to solve operating problems
  • Confers with engineering and technical personnel to resolve design, research, and testing problems
  • Coordinates the installation, maintenance, and operation of oil field equipment
  • Maintains records of drilling and production operations
  • Writes technical reports for engineering and management personnel
  • Evaluates findings to develop, design, or test equipment or processes
  • Simulates reservoir performance for different recovery techniques, using computer models
  • Designs and implements environmental controls on oil and gas operations
  • Coordinates activities of workers engaged in research, planning, development and execution
  • Takes samples to assess the amount and quality of oil, the depth at which resources lie, and the equipment needed to properly extract them
  • Inspects oil and gas wells to determine that installations are completed.
  • Conducts engineering research experiments to improve or modify oil machinery and operations.
  • Supervises workover and completion operations including heavy workovers, perforating, sand control, treatments, etc.
  • Acquires data through echometer surveys, BHP downhole gauges, hydrometer etc. across all assets.
  • Assists in well optimization across all assets.
  • Updates ProdEval and Production Databases.
  • Conducts bi-weekly field visits to production facilities, workover rigs, etc.
  • Prepares purchase requisitions to ensure all equipment are purchased in a timely manner for operations to be conducted
  • Prepares AFE’s and cost trackers for all projects assigned

Deadline for submission of resume is 30th April, 2021.

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