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The incumbent is responsible for managing, coordinating and analysing payroll. The incumbent is also responsible for setting objectives, prioritizing workload, and developing and recommending changes in policies, procedures, and methods to ensure proper control, improvement, and efficiency of the payroll function.


  • Prepares payroll information to be sent to payroll service providers on a timely basis
  • Ensures accuracy and reviews all payrolls when they have been processed
  • Ensures payroll records are updated by reviewing and approving changes in exemptions, insurance coverage, savings deductions, job titles, and department/ division transfers
  • Ensures payrolls are reconciled from previous month to current month. Variances and supporting notes are to done when sending for payroll approval
  • Ensures accurate transfer of funds for payroll services providers for remittance into employees’ bank accounts on a timely basis
  • Ensures payrolls are reconciled to ensure that what was remitted to the bank matches payroll
  • Prepares year to date payroll reports for Finance and Corporate Resources
  • Records payroll on the general ledger
  • Prepares any other payroll information requested by Management
  • Prepares wire transfer payments for UK statutory and pension
  • Accurately records and journalise all payroll related transactions
  • Accurately ensures Intercompany payroll recharges are done
  • Ensures report is completed on actual versus budgeted payroll, records reasons for variances and provides same to Corporate Resources
  • Ensures accurate and timely reports (weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual) financial for Corporate Resources Team Leader and key stakeholders
  • Maintains payroll guidelines by writing and updating policies and procedures

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