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The incumbent will be responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of all wells and operations on the assigned fields.


  • Gauges tanks to determine the quality/quantity of oil in storage before and after delivery, using calibrated steel tape and conversion
  • Samples wells and ensure all information is logged and forwarded in a timely manner to the Supervisor and the block Petroleum Engineer
  • Checks pressure on wells and evaluates stopcock wells for opening
  • Conducts and documents morning/evening visit of all active wells to ensure production maintenance/optimization
  • Highlights/documents to Supervisor all changes to normal operating conditions
  • Conducts maintenance (valves, tanks, piping, pits, facilities, etc.) and housekeeping (grass cutting, painting) required on wells and Gathering Stations located in block
  • Drives to all well locations within block to ensure tasks are carried out
  • Ensures appropriate handover is conducted on all shift changes
  • Checks pumping unit (mechanical), pressures and for leaks, rectifying if possible
  • Conducts spin-off using centrifuge and reports to Supervisor
  • Enacts diagnostics for wells highlighted with production impairment/issues and reports same to Supervisor
  • Assists with closing out any deficiencies highlighted by all regulatory bodies and recommends areas for improvement

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