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In October 2013, La Brea residents participated in the first Oil Spill First Responder Training programme designed to develop the necessary skills to help minimise the effects of production hazards. Nine months later, East Coast residents were also been given the opportunity to help preserve and secure their natural treasures, as well as safeguard the Country’s Energy Sector. The beaches of Manzanilla, Mayaro and Galeota are home to a very active energy sector that exists in tandem with thriving fishing communities, busy shopping centres, tourist destinations and countless leisure spots. Residents from these communities came out in June 2014 to undertake theoretical and practical exercises, modelled to provide a unique understanding of spill response and recovery. This comprehensive programme sought to empower residents with tools to be better able to assist the industry’s HSSE professionals in times of need. As with La Brea, the East Coast is now more prepared to quickly and effectively respond to an oil spill incident.