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The incumbent is responsible for directly supervising and coordinating the activities of the mechanics and electricians.


  • Reviews, develops and implements maintenance policies (plans, checklist) for equipment used adopting best practices where applicable
  • Develops and tracks maintenance schedules
  • Assigns personnel and equipment to achieve the maintenance schedule within a given budget
  • Tracks key performance indicators
  • Identifies failure trends and develops corrective actions
  • Tracks, prioritizes and closes out corrective actions
  • Audits and makes recommendations to improve PM program and equipment performance
  • Manages the electricians and mechanics under his charge to deliver the maintenance plan
  • Approves requisitions for materials and supplies such as tools, equipment or replacement parts
  • Determines work schedules, sequences, assignment for persons under his charge for work activities based on work priority
  • Responds in short time to dynamic equipment issues and minimize the potential negative impact to the operations utilizing the resources at their disposal
  • Ensures all maintenance record including: PM sheets, Quarterly and Annual Inspections, Equipment Certification and Equipment Manuals are filed both hard and soft copy in an organized retrievable manner
  • Maintains, tracks and updates a log of all equipment and component certification expiration dates and renews in a timely manner as to not disrupt usage of the equipment inclusive or generators, air compressors, cranes etc.
  • Frequently monitors Company emails and phone to ensure timely response to all issues in the operations directly related to equipment
  • Makes recommendations to improve the reliability of equipment based on the findings of the inspections (both planned and unplanned) and communicate to the Facilities Team Lead and relevant Production Unit Leaders, Mechanics, Electricians and Block Supervisors to ensure that issues are minimized or eliminated
  • Reviews the condition of all equipment and monitor costs for repairs vs replacement to determine the most cost-effective means of providing reliability. This includes planning and making recommendations for replacement of the equipment at the expected end of life of the particular equipment
  • Conducts site visits to all assets on a monthly basis to confirm that all PM activities are being executed to the quality required by verify equipment performance and condition
  • Conducts annual performance evaluation of the personnel under his charge with the view to identifying any gaps in technical competency, physical competency or supervisory competency and developing a plan to correct same for the approval of the Facilities Team Lead
  • Reviews and shortlists possible candidates for recruitment for vacancies within his team
  • Monitors the delivery of key items to be procured with the assistance of the Procurement Team and the Administrative Assistant assigned to this team

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