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The incumbent is responsible for coordinating and overseeing environmental operations to ensure regulatory compliance and permit renewals.


  • Prepares Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC) applications and coordinates responses to further information requests in order to ensure that the CEC is acquired
  • Prepares table of responsibilities for CEC’s and ensures monitoring of terms and conditions throughout the life of the project and subsequent to the projects
  • Prepares Source Registration Applications and renewals adhering to all applicable regulatory legislation (e.g. Environmental Management Authority (EMA) for the Company’s facilities
  • Prepares further information resulting from the Source Registration Applications
  • Ensures compliance with any and all requirements under the Source Registration Certificates
  • Ensures compliance with the Effluent Monitoring Schedule listed in the Four Water Pollution Permits
  • Develops and maintains a pollution control plan to show how the Company plans to progress towards compliance during the five-year validity of the permits
  • Monitors approved Quality Assurance Project Plan to ensure the collection and analysis of effluent samples are addressed efficiently
  • Prepares a summary of the effluent reports each month on a Discharge Monitoring Data Report Form for submission to the EMA
  • Ensures management of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process and contractor
  • Prepares, maintains and implements of a Best Management Practice Plan for the purpose of waste minimization, proper operation of pits, pollution control mechanisms etc.
  • Ensures effluent testing is scheduled and conducted for the fields that are not permitted (those with Source Registration Certificates)
  • Attends meetings as an when required with the Ministry of Energy, EMA, Association of Upstream Operators of Trinidad and Tobago (AUOTT) voicing the industry’s environmental concerns e. g. produced water issues
  • Assists in preparations of SPE conference presentations
  • Prepares documents for STOW
  • Performs Environmental Gap Analysis
  • Acts as the Environmental Liaison with all relevant regulatory bodies e.g. EMA, MEEI, Heritage in the event of any spill within the company and its surroundings
  • Ensures environmental reporting of incidents to Heritage and to the EMA as stipulated by the EM ACT and by the CEC’S under which our operations are governed
  • Conducts regular field visits to the Company’s Blocks to ensure pits and effluent quality are satisfactory prior to effluent sampling
  • Ensures field visits are conducted to monitor environmental compliance
  • Ensures monthly submissions of Effluent Reports to Heritage JV Department
  • Tracks and analyses all relevant data e.g. environmental incidents, effluent quality, percentage compliance with CEC’s etc.
  • Performs administrative duties as deemed necessary

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