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The Corporate Analyst provides support with financial modelling, budgeting/forecasting, reporting, analytics and reporting for operations, special projects, etc.


  • Develops and implements financial models to support the delivery of Trinity’s various projects, programmes and policies
  • Provides high quality and timely financial impact assessments to Executive Team, Board, and other respective teams in Trinity
  • Maintains a working capital/ budget model, which forecasts the Group’s cash flows over a 5-year period
  • Maintains the corporate model, which is used to forecast the long-term position cash position of the company, as well as valuation of the business
  • Develops, delivers and implements financial models and financial modelling tools for economic reviews, commercial negotiations and other projects
  • Ensures the availability and adequacy of data to be used in models is of sufficient quality by establishing procedures for collecting and manipulating information and building in appropriate checks and controls
  • Provides good quality, timely financial modelling advice to other professional groups, in a way that non-specialists can readily understand
  • Works autonomously in building, populating and using financial models for projects
  • Demonstrates and maintains a reputation for excellence in building models and designing modelling activities
  • Works collaboratively across multi-functional teams
  • Assists the Financial Director in scenario planning, and as a result, building functionality into the budget model to determine the cash flow impact of key decisions
  • Performs monthly reforecasting of all cash flows, based on the most up to date information
  • Assists with special projects as needed

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