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The incumbent is responsible for coordination of compliance audits and examinations, coordination of scheduled internal reviews, reviewing and updating compliance policy and procedures.


  • Develops and maintains a compliance training plan
  • Investigates complaints and coordinate action plans with other departments
  • Compiles reports of calls received, investigations conducted, findings and recommendations developed, action plans established, and progress noted
  • Assists with internal audits of the compliance program
  • Assists with regulatory examinations, including requesting and preparing materials
  • Assist the Finance Department with coordinating compliance review and monitoring activities
  • Reviews and reports on the accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of financial, and other information that is provided to the Managing Director and Financial Controller
  • Investigates complaints and coordinate action plans with other departments
  • Develops and rollout of policies and programmes
  • Provides advice on measures to protect against theft and fraud of the Company’s assets
  • Supports staff on a day to day basis by conducting research, responding to inquiries, and assisting with the
  • Develops policies and programs that encourage staff to report suspected fraud or impropriety without fear of retaliation
  • Conducts mock surveys, inspections, audits and investigations periodically to assess staff readiness and to specifically identify where corrective actions are needed
  • Presents written evaluations and reports to the Managing Director and BOD at least annually
  • Re‐evaluates areas of previous deficiency to identify improvements
  • Creates and executes audit plans
  • Creates tracking tools for audit progress
  • Provides ongoing support to the Legal and Finance teams on special projects, risk assessments etc.

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