• As a Caribbean hub of culture and commerce, Trinidad & Tobago offers a natural paradise with a rich history of creativity and ingenuity.  The country has become one of the strongest economies in the region, solidified by an extensive period of economic growth fuelled mainly by the complete energy industry.  Modern services, along with access to highly developed communications infrastructure and access to fiscal incentives has made the islands an attractive investment for many international companies.

    At the crossroads of the Americas, the twin-island Republic combines influences from across the world.  Its story reveals a heritage touched by the native Amerindians, European colonialism, West African slavery, East Indian indentureship and numerous other trades and cross-continental relations.  The islands enabling near-shoring advantages and is strategically located as a transhipment hub for exporters.  Access to regional and international markets through trade agreements and the low energy costs make it an ideal place for investment and business development.

    Trinidad is an entertainment centre with a wide selection of nightspots, restaurants and shopping destinations.  Across the water, a host of beautiful beaches, waterfalls, wetlands and diving sites await as Tobago is a wonder world for the nature enthusiast.

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    The Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs

    The Ministry of Finance & the Economy

    The Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment & Communications

    Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

    Tourism Development Company

    The Ministry of Tourism




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