• The year 2007 marked Trinidad’s 100th anniversary as a commercial producer of oil and gas.

    To date, production has been dominated by state controlled companies and international majors. Trinity believes that, similar to what happened in other mature basins, these larger companies have left under-exploited and stranded assets that smaller and more nimble operators can efficiently develop. Trinity is well positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities this basin offers.


    PHASE 1

    The Easy Stuff, Rudimentary Geological Methods (field mapping, onshore seeps and anticlines).

    PHASE 2

    Introduction of Geophysical Surveys (seismic etc.)

    • First West Coast Shallow.
    • Then East and North Coast deeper water.
    • Oil then Gas.

    PHASE 3

    The Re-examination of all Acreage

    • Driven by increasing recovery from current producing reservoirs.
    • High materiality thresholds of existing ownership vs. low materiality thresholds of incoming nimble and agile companies accessing stranded gas fields.
    • Unexplored deep water acreage.
    • Introducing appropriate technology and being innovative
    • Laser like focus on wells that go off production.
    • Performance and safety driven culture.
    • Developing synergies and long term relationships with contractors and suppliers.
    • Partnering with all stakeholders.

    Trinity Exploration & Production is at the forefront of the Phase 3.




    Health, Safety and Environment

    Health, Safety and Environment

    Trinity 2016 Annual Report

    Trinity 2016 Annual Report