• Trinity Story

    In December 2013, Trinity Exploration & Production announced the discovery of 50-115 million barrels of high quality crude oil in place from the TGAL-1 exploration well within the Galeota license.  Known for its ambitious undertakings, Trinity is intent on becoming the first Trinidad and Tobago oil and gas company to be internationally recognised.  It is this vision that led to Trinity becoming the first Trinidad & Tobago company to list on the London Stock Exchange.

    The Trinity story began in 1996, when Trinidadian born Bruce A. I. Dingwall founded Venture Production plc, which subsequently became one of Britain’s leading independent oil and gas companies.  Bruce resigned as Venture’s Chief Executive Officer in 2004 and was joined by Joel ‘Monty’ Pemberton to lead a management buyout of Venture’s Trinidad and Tobago assets, forming Ten Degrees North Energy Limited (Ten Degrees).  From there, Bruce, and Monty as Chief Financial Officer, grew the Company through acquisitions and mergers.  In 2009, Monty was appointed to his current role as Chief Executive Officer, leading the Company’s recapitalisation and increasing production from approximately 1,000 boepd to 4,000 boepd.

    The initial asset base of Ten Degrees comprised of three lease operatorship blocks (WD-13, Block WD-14, GU-1), two Joint ventures (Guapo Bay/Brighton Marine and Point Ligoure Marine Area) and the Tabaquite Farm Out block.  In 2007, Ten Degrees continued to expand its portfolio with the acquisition of Lennox Petroleum Services Limited and Pioneer Petroleum Company Limited, which together provided the FZ-2, WD-2 and WD-16 lease operatorship blocks. In 2011, the buyout of Oilbelt Services Limited further enhanced the Company’s asset-base as blocks WD5/6 were added and increased total production by 1,500 bopd.

    As the Company’s asset portfolio grew, so too did its vision and motivation to become the region’s first independent oil and gas company of scale.  In 2011, a corporate reorganisation gave birth to Trinity Exploration and Production Limited, and later in 2012, the renewal of the Point Ligoure Marine Area joint venture brought with it additional nearshore Gulf of Paria blocks (Point Ligoure/Guapo/Brighton Outer Marine (PGB) licence).  The reverse takeover of AIM listed Bayfield Energy Holdings plc in 2013 paved the way for Trinity to become a publically listed Company of the London Stock Exchange on 14 February 2013.  The Company was re-admitted under the ticker TRIN as Trinity Exploration & Production Plc.

    Added to an extremely strong corporate culture is the underlying philosophy of service to others and giving one’s best even in the face of challenges. Trinity’s motto, “It’s not just about oil”, describes a way of doing business which has been welcomed by the company’s stakeholders the world over. Trinity’s watchwords form the cornerstone of its modus operandi and the company takes great pride in demonstrating on a daily basis that it really is all about Behaviour, Rigour and Purpose.  The journey continues for Trinity and its stakeholders with the objective to “grow together”, safely, profitably and with purpose. Trinity’s mandate is simple – ensure that everyone benefits.



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    Trinidad & Tobago at a glance

    Trinidad & Tobago at a glance