• Shareholder #Shares(Million) % of Outstanding
    David and Christina Segel Living Trust40,527,722 10.55%
    Angus Winther29,675,6447.73%
    Gavin White 29,267,4817.62%
    Hargreave Hale21,162,1035.51%
    Interactive Investor Clients*19,128,9264.98%
    Hargreave Lansdown Asset Mgt Clients*16,951,2434.41%
    Jan-Dirk Leuders**16,103,1634.19%
    Scott Casto**15,748,3484.10%
    Tim & Lisa Robinson14,633,7433.81%
    Bruce Dingwall13,486,1143.51%
    Joseph Piers Jennings13,254,0003.45%

    As at 12 July 2018 the total number of ordinary shares in issue is 384,049,246 of which 22.1% are not in public hands. There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company’s shares.

    *Information pre placing (percentage updated to reflect new shares in issue)

    ** Includes 1,114,605 shares held in jointly between Scott Casto and Jan-Dirk Leuders through CMT Investments LLC



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