• A focus on safety has and always will be at the forefront of our operations and practices.  We have seen a marked improvement in our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) performance which has been primarily driven by the increase in proactive initiatives and various elements of employee engagement though Trinity’s behaviour based safety processes.

    In 2014, we merged our Security Department with our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department, to capitalise on the synergies between the two groups.  Our 2016 HSSE focus continues to be on enhancing the existing systems, with lessons communicated throughout the organisation to reinforce positive behaviour.

    The overall goal is to have 100% workforce engagement in HSSE at Trinity

    This means that every employee will see themselves as an ambassador for Health, Safety, Security and the Environment.

    • 0 Zero LTI’s
    • No Harm to the environment

    Our HSSE Vision

    • Take care of our assets
    • Recognise and reward exceptional HSSE performance
    • Improve continuously by adopting a systematic approach to HSSE
    • Negate the adverse impact on the environment during operations
    • Industry standards & Legal requirements are exceeded
    • To promote Team development for safe & efficient operations
    • Your Cooperation is required.

    Helping to look after the environment

    In June 2014, Trinity’s commitment to high safety standards was reaffirmed on the East Coast, as residents and staff were offered an opportunity to participate in the intensive Oil Spill First Response Training programme.  The comprehensive course was the second to be coordinated by Trinity’s HSE team and Tiger Tanks Unlimited, this time in collaboration with EOG Resources Limited.

    In October 2013, Trinity and Tiger Tanks conducted the initial Oil Spill First Responder Training Programme for residents of La Brea.  The course combined theoretical and practical activities that included well modelling spill stimulation, spill site safety and hazard recognition.

    HSE - La Brea Residents and Trinity Staff participate in Oil Spill First Response Training at Station Beach in La Brea

    La Brea Residents & Trinity Staff participate in Oil Spill First Response Training at Station Beach, La Brea




    The Trinity Story

    The Trinity Story

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    Key facts