• Everything that Trinity does is wrapped in our values – Behaviour, Rigour and Purpose.

    Our smallest actions can have the greatest of impacts, and we all have the power to help build a better world.  All it take is a willingness to give your time, talent and treasure to anything good.



    These are values which every employee is encouraged to uphold and live by on a daily basis. Behaviour that mirrors professionalism, respect and fairness. Rigour by initiating thought before action, and Purpose, fit for delivering the company’s goals.

    As Trinity grows and develops, we have recognised that there is an even greater need to adhere to our values and to make that link between our business and making a difference.

    The BMD Formula:

    • Building Communities
    • Empowering Citizens
    • Inspiring and supporting our staff
    • Preserving and Protecting the environment

    An important element of the BMD formula is Time, Talent and Treasure:
    Each employee will be investing time, talent and treasure to initiatives that will impact the lives of our employees and citizens. In December 2013, Trinity signed a Deed of Covenant with three well known NGO’s-United Way, the Heroes Foundation and ALTA, Adult Literacy Tutors Association.

    A snapshot of Trinity’s BMD activities:

    • Staff volunteering:
      • The Heroes Foundation – Big Brothers Big Sisters of Trinidad and Tobago
      • United Way-Day of Caring
    • Community:
      • ALTA class
      • Oil Spill First Responder Training
      • Kenson Training
      • Sponsorships
      • Support of the Rancho Quemado Government Primary School
      • Vessigny Beach Clean-up

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    On a mission to make a difference where it matters!

    We will continue to:

    • Partner with our contractors and engage in training opportunities for residents and employees.
    • Support and empower our staff-training sessions, team building exercises.
    • Conduct adult literacy classes for employees.
    • Support communities through sponsorships.
    • Engage in activities which will assist in preserving the environment.
    • Work with our NGO partners to empower residents.
    • Strengthen relationships with community groups.
    • Continue supporting the Rancho Quemado Government Primary School.
    • Provide volunteer opportunities for staff.




    The Trinity Story

    The Trinity Story

    Key facts

    Key Facts